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We are looking for you because we are growing! CNC millers, industrial mechanics or toolmakers with milling experience. We offer interesting tasks on a small team and a location in one of the most beautiful regions of Central Germany.  Seize your opportunity and call us! We will make time to talk with you.

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CAD/CAM technology being utilised at MÜLLER CNC-Fräs-& Drehteile. We work with SolidWorks - HSMWorks and attain the best results.

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MÜLLER CNC - Fräs- & Drehteile: What We Can Do for You

Size Alone is Not of Critical Importance

Our customers say that our services in CNC milling and CNC turning, in 3D-milling and its related activities compare favourably with any of our competitors. Tailored precisely to you and implemented in the best possible fashion, our parts fulfil their design purpose down to the last precise detail. With us, you can rely upon a range of services which precisely fulfils both the requirements for the production of individual parts and prototypes as well as the production of a low-volume series (up to 200 units). We work in an individual, personal, customer-specific and always trustful manner. By deploying us, you will profit from being advised by our leading consultant and an implementation which will completely fulfil your wishes.

While using the most modern CNC technology, we will do the following for you:

  1. CNC milling (based upon sketches)
  2. 3D-milling (based upon 3D-files)
  3. CNC turning
  4. Production of complete assembly units
  5. Realisation of individual parts which may extend to a low-volume production series
  6. Prototypes which may extend to medium-sized batches
  7. Production of equipment

Moreover, we will drill, saw and weld for you and collaborate with top-class cooperation partners who, based upon our instructions, will harden, erode, burnish, anodize, do wire-cutting as well as laser-cutting und electro-galvanize for you.

Please keep in mind:

We work with materials ranging from tool steel, to plastics, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and copper to steel.

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